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Mendacia Ltd., is a strategy planning advisory service that uses scenario planning and can include real-time simulation exercises aimed at students and Executive MBA students, corporate clients, law enforcement, military planners and development organisations and local governments. Mendacia was founded by Dr. Shaun McCarthy, an expert in strategy, intelligence, scenario planning, risk, crisis and resilience management. We work with clients to design robust and resilient strategies through the application of scenario planning and simulation exercises . We also work with public and private sector clients to design assess vulnerable key point installations and critical infrastructure and to design enhanced situational awareness capabilities that encompass leading third-party hardware and software systems. Mendacia assists in helping its clients better prepare in a complex world of greater uncertainty, model potential stakeholder dynamics and to be more resilient.

Who We Are

Analysis & Comment.

Dr. Shaun McCarthy, President and Founder

Analysis & Comment.

Dr. Ian Robson, Senior Associate for Mendacia and Head of Management Studies, Kings College University of Aberdeen Business School

Analysis & Comment.

Tim Tuckett (MBA), Senior Associate for Mendacia with experience in Development Aid and Reconstruction and Development Specialist

Dr. Shaun Paul McCarthy, Founder and President

Dr. Shaun McCarthy is the Founder and President of Mendacia Ltd. Currently he also serves on the Advisory Board of Trusted Sport. Until recently he was the CEO of the International Centre for Sport Security – Enterprise (ICSS). Shaun has over 40 years of experience in both the public and private sectors and served for 11 years as an Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence Officer before he was appointed as the Administration and Security Director for Mercedes-Benz South Africa Ltd. His expertise includes national security and counter-terrorism, intelligence and counter-intelligence, risk and threat assessment, national resilience and crisis management.

After completing his Ph.D., he joined Kroll Associates in the USA as Director for Special Operations where he applied his intelligence and security experience in the commercial domain working on projects across the USA, South Africa and Latin America. At Kroll Associates he led a range of investigations into product tampering, corporate espionage, fraud, kidnap and ransom and was involved in the evaluation of a potential presidential candidate for a South American country on behalf of a key Kroll client. During 1997/8 Shaun managed a major review of the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority’s Emergency Management Plans. Together with the Deputy President of Kroll, Brian M Jenkins, Shaun co-authored a comprehensive report for the Norman Y Mineta Transportation Institute titled Security Threats to Public Surface Transportation.

Shaun accepted the position as the Americas Leader for Knowledge Management with Shell Services International in Houston in mid-1998. Within 18 months he moved to serve as the Group Intelligence Co-Ordinator for Royal Dutch Shell at its London Headquarters where he gained extensive knowledge of the energy and extractive industries, competitive intelligence, scenario development and its application to strategic planning. During his tenure with Royal Dutch Shell he participated in the development of Shell’s Global Scenarios and facilitated numerous scenario and strategy projects for clients, including the facilitation of a major strategic planning exercise for the United Nations Development Agency (UNDP) as it made its transition from a branch to a fully-fledged UN agency in 2006.

During 2006 he joined The Monitor Group as Vice President and established Monitor’s Middle East office in Dubai. Shaun led major strategy development assignments, including economic development and national competitiveness projects, in Northern Iraq, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Together with his colleagues they formulated the national media strategy for Dubai’s Media City. During his tenure at Monitor he also acted as an observer on the Harvard Kennedy School’s Black Sea Security Programme. As part of this programme he attended conferences in the Litoral States of the Black Sea where he established key relationships with members of their armed forces and intelligence agencies.

Shaun holds a BA degree in History and Political Science, an Honour’s degree in Strategic Studies and a Ph.D. in International Relations from the University of St. Andrews. During 2014 he completed the Harvard Kennedy School Programme in Leading Economic Growth.

Shaun has lived and worked in South Africa, Namibia and Swaziland, Spain, the United Kingdom, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Qatar and Cyprus. During his time in the USA, he worked in Los Angeles and Houston. More recently he spent protracted periods in Washington D.C. and New York City.

Dr. McCarthy is an Executive Associate at the University of Aberdeen Business School where he lectures on the strategy course for Executive MBA students. He is the author of The Function of Intelligence in Crisis Management which is an analysis of the relationships between intelligence producers and consumer; ISBN 1-85521-935-2. His most recent publication is titled Mendacia, A Framework for Strategy and Resilience in the Digital Age and is available to download as an e-publication on the eBooks page. Shaun has contributed numerous articles to Jane’s Intelligence Review, other academic publications and was the Editorial Director for The ICSS Journal on sport safety, security and integrity matters.

Dr. Ian Robson, Head of Management Studies, University of Aberdeen

Dr. Ian Robson is Head of Management Studies at the University of Aberdeen. He has a wealth of senior leadership experience in Scottish Universities, notably as Director of the Graduate School of Business at the University of St. Andrews and Director of Executive Education at the University of Dundee. His academic research is currently in the field of partnership and conflict at the business-society interface. In recent times, Ian has researched the nature of work and leadership in dynamic small business settings, especially in knowledge-based industries such as software development, bio-medical and e-learning. He has delivered impactful and innovative leadership and strategy programmes in the post-experience practitioner environment for many years. He has also successfully delivered leadership and strategic consultancy services into micro-enterprise and global business environments across many industries including construction, energy, automotive and retail.

Tim J Tuckett (MBA), Senior Associate

Tim Tuckett is a seasoned International Development Specialist with over 25 years’ professional experience in developing countries around the world. He graduated in Agriculture Management at the University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa (1979). In 1990 he completed his post-graduate in Business Administration. Tim started his career in 1980 with The Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) in commercial agriculture where he managed large-scale plantation enterprises in the Pacific Rim countries. As a post-graduate, Tim changed his career to operations management, including logistics and strategy planning in the fresh produce industry. He worked for Geest who imported fresh fruit from the Middle East, South Africa and Europe. He took on executive management roles in the sugar industry in the UK and East Africa with Booker Tate (a Tate & Lyle subsidiary). Building on his international management experience, Tim advanced into technical consultancy and project management for large-scale complex donor-funded international development programmes. Donors included DFID, USAID, World Bank, IFC, EU, and DANIDA. During this phase of his career Tim specialised in private sector development, including business environment reform in the DR Congo, market systems development in Nepal, design and implementation of an agricultural credit scheme in Southern Iraq and the design of an agriculture and rural development facility in Afghanistan. He also used his expertise in privatisation and business restructuring in Egypt, India and Barbados. Tim assisted in post-conflict rehabilitation, governance and administrative reforms, including post-conflict rehabilitation for community security in Syria, as well as strategic and technical support to restructure government departments in Afghanistan and Iraq. During his career, Tim has accumulated vast experience in international development and gained a deep understanding of how international development has changed over the last few decades. He has played key roles in numerous transition projects assisting communities to change from traditional livelihoods with a poverty reduction agenda, working on bilateral and multilateral programmes with governments. This facilitated economic development objectives while engaging with business and other private sector organisations. During his transition from traditional to economic development, Tim has come to recognise the valuable role private investors, with their range of investment tools and models, contribute in the international development industry. He currently specialises in aligning commercial investors with the development agendas of emerging economies, focusing on commercial organisations, government entities, civil society and non-governmental organisations to achieve common objectives of social and environmental impact and sustainable financial returns. Tim also has a passion for facilitating post-conflict reconstruction and impact investment in countries emerging from protracted conflict.